4 Accounting Tasks New Businesses Need

4 Accounting Tasks New Businesses Need

22 February 2018
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Some owners of startups may think that it would be wise for them to postpone giving adequate attention to accounting issues until the business has grown bigger. Such people may not know how paying attention to accounting issues early can help a business to grow and last. This article discusses some of the important functions that require immediate attention once a business opens.

System Setup

It is important to set up an accounting system as soon as possible so that you do things right from the onset. You need to select an accounting package from the options available today. You also need to decide what format your accounting reports will take. Making these decisions as soon as you open your business will set a precedent for doing things systematically. This will make it easy to monitor your financial affairs accurately.


It is also crucial for you to record all the financial transactions that take place each day. The best approach is to avoid conducting any transactions in cash. Channeling all sales through the bank makes it easy for you to trace every purchase and reflect it in your books of accounts.

Fraud Detection

Your small business can be an attractive target for people who wish to steal or defraud you. This is because some people may see small or new businesses as entities that don't yet have rock-solid systems to detect fraud. Having an active fraud detection system can help you to detect loopholes early so that you save your young business from losing money at a time when each penny is needed to build and grow the business.

Tax Preparation

You also need help in preparing and filing your tax returns. This process can often be complicated. Many owners of new businesses might end up missing some tax advantages that would have benefited their firms if they had known how to claim them. Professional accounting help ensures that you don't make a mistake or miss a benefit when preparing your tax returns.

It can be very expensive for a new business to hire individuals on a full-time basis for the roles/tasks above. An option that such businesses can explore is to hire a qualified accountant on a part-time basis. This professional will offer guidance whenever you are making decisions that can affect the bottom-line of your business. Graduate to full-time accounting employees so that you can reap all the benefits that such expertise can put at your disposal.