4 Accounting Tasks New Businesses Need

22 February 2018
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Some owners of startups may think that it would be wise for them to postpone giving adequate attention to accounting issues until the business has grown bigger. Such people may not know how paying attention to accounting issues early can help a business to grow and last. This article discusses some of the important functions that require immediate attention once a business opens. System Setup It is important to set up an accounting system as soon as possible so that you do things right from the onset. Read More …

Do You Need A Personal Financial Adviser?

15 February 2018
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It is not farfetched to assume that everybody would like their financial future to be secure, irrespective of whether they have dependents or not. Most people will spend a considerable amount of their time trying their best to plan their finances so that their needs are met, their bills are paid and that they can live relatively comfortably. However, ensuring that all your responsibilities are being met is not the same as saving money for unforeseen circumstances. Read More …

Coverage Options That Construction Insurance Provides

1 February 2018
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A construction insurance policy is a form of insurance that covers a structure during the construction phase. It's commonly issued to contractors who are working on a project, and it covers any risks that they are likely to face while completing the project. For example, contractors may have a structure damaged by fire, or workers on the site may get injured while on the job. Because there is a lot of activity that occurs on a construction site, it's important for contractors to have coverage against the many risks they are likely to face on a daily basis. Read More …